If you or your loved one has taken Invokana to treat diabetes, and then suffered ketoacidosis, kidney failure, severe urinary tract infection, a heart attack, or stroke, you may be entitled to compensation. Jensen & Steffey has successfully represented hundreds of people with claims against drug and device companies, including companies like the one that makes Invokana.  We would be pleased to evaluate your case.

Left: Keith Jensen -Helping clients nationwide, one client at a time, for over 25 years.<br>Right: Invokana manufacturer's corporate signage.
Left: Keith Jensen - Helping clients nationwide, one client at a time, for over 28 years.
Right: Invokana manufacturer's corporate signage.


When you are considering what law firm you are going to engage to represent you in your claims against the drug companies, remember, Mr. Jensen actually has obtained recoveries against Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of the manufacturer of Invokana, for victims and their families across the country.

Drug companies have no shortage of resources or money. It is important that you hire a firm that has taken a massive drug company to court and prevailed. Keith Jensen has done so repeatedly. Should your case merit we will do all it takes legally and financially to bring your case to trial. We utilize state of the art exhibits, audio and video presenters and we retain highly qualified experts in the field.

While there are other firms that consider cases involving Invokana, Mr. Jensen has invested the time and resources necessary to understand the complications of Invokana, what causes them, how devastating they can be to both the victim and the family and how to find the best medical care for you or your loved one.

Mr. Jensen is committed to his clients, and offers not only quality legal services, but also a genuine concern for the welfare and wellbeing of those that seek his counsel.


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